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Cambridge Law LLC is a renowned law firm prepared to take legal action for your case. Our attorneys specialize in helping small businesses throughout the wide variety of legal challenges they face. Whether you need a practicing attorney in commercial litigation, business partner litigation, or real estate litigation, we’re prepared to help.

Our Practice Areas Include:

Commercial Litigation & Arbitration

Our attorneys have defended and prosecuted complex commercial disputes. We work with a variety of industries, both in state and federal courts. We also assist with arbitrations in a variety of forms.

Real Estate Litigation

Attention to detail matters when it comes to real estate issues. Our team helps with lawsuits involving real estate through personalized representation.

Construction Litigation

From sending CDARA notices to filing suit and working with industry experts, we assist with construction issues in Denver, CO.

Business Partner Disputes

When your business partnership goes south, it might be time to consider litigation. We offer assistance when there are disputes between corporations and businesses.

Intellectual Property Litigation

Today's global economy requires people to be proactive and defend their business assets. Our litigation assistance is here if you're dealing with copyright, trademark, or trade secret law issues.

Employment Protection

Employment disputes commonly include issues relating to discrimination, termination of employment, breach of contract, and misappropriation of trade secrets. We're here to represent you and your situation.

Civil Rights Litigation

We have represented people with civil rights cases related to freedom of speech, religious freedom, constitutional due process, and more. Working with us on these complex issues gives you personalized representation.

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